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1 hour ago0.696 SBD and 3.070 STEEM POWER for dobartim/on-the-path-of-emotion
12 hours ago0.927 SBD and 4.177 STEEM POWER for dobartim/feel-it
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2 days ago0.812 SBD and 3.693 STEEM POWER for dobartim/tradition
3 days ago0.580 SBD and 2.641 STEEM POWER for dobartim/roads-of-tears
3 days ago0.614 SBD and 2.796 STEEM POWER for dobartim/conquered-love
4 days ago0.413 SBD and 1.882 STEEM POWER for dobartim/on-the-wings-of-time
4 days ago0.690 SBD and 3.158 STEEM POWER for dobartim/the-romance-of-love-freedom